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American Karate/TaeKwonDo, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Bootcamps

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For men and women of all ages:

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  About our School and our Adult Program
  • Owned by Hall of Fame Blackbelt, Master James Holan
  • Our instructors are trained and certified to work with all ages
  • Our adult program focuses in American Karate with a mixture of other arts
  • We also offer Jiu-Jitsu classes for adults
  • We allow family training: you can train with your kids
  • We have an onsite Gym that adult students can workout in at no additional cost
  • We teach weapons ranging from Bo Staff to Samurai Sword
  • Texas Karate Do was established in 1986
  • Texas Karate Do has been in the Irving area for over 10 years
  Benefits of Karate for Adults:
  • Karate is not about violence: It's about self-improvement
  • Karate is a multifaceted workout: cardio, core, and strength training
  • Karate boosts your metabolism
  • Karate is an individualized sport: It is all at your own pace
  • Karate can be modified for people with bad knees, shoulders, or other joints
  • Karate can decrease cholesterol
  • Karate is great for stress relief
  • Karate relaxes the body and mind
  • Karate can improve your overall focus and attentiveness
  • Karate includes stretching, which is known to reduce body aches and pains
  • Karate is a social and fun way to lose weight
  • Karate saves lives: It teaches basic self-defense to men and women
  • Karate is a good family activity as well as a good personal activity
  Why Choose Texas Karate Do:
  • We are not salesmen, we are teachers focused on helping you reach your goals
  • We understand that adults are different and may need to modify curriculum for physical reasons
  • We are a social and fun way to become physically fit and healthy
  • We offer family training: If you want to train with your children you can!
  • Our school is full of State Champion Teachers and Students
  • We teach weapons at no additional charge
  • We're not just a Martial Arts School, we are a way of life!

We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you, you promise learn. I say, you do, no questions.

-Master Miyagi

  Mon Tue Wed  Thur Fri Sat
11:00           All TKD Class
12:00           All Sparring
1:00           MMA
4-4:50 Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD Beginner TKD    
5:00 Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD Child TKD  
Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu Kids Jiu Jitsu
5:15-5:45   Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons    
6:00-6:30 Lil Dragons   Lil Dragons      
6:05-7:05   Yellow-Blue Sparring        
6:10-7:10         Teen/Adult TKD  
6:15 Beginner TKD   Beginner TKD Beginner TKD    
Black Belt
6:30 Teen/Adult TKD   G-Force Practice      
7:10-8:10   Purple-Black Sparring        
7:30 Black Belt Class Jiu Jitsu Teen/Adult TKD Teen/Adult TKD     


For additional Information Please Call 972-258-8333 to reach our Irving school.

Visit BlackBeltShop for all of your supply needs.

Sparring Gear Sets at $70.00..

Extra Karate uniforms at $25.00

Replacement pants at $10.99

School T-Shirts at $20.00

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