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American Karate/TaeKwonDo, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Bootcamps

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Fitness and Boot Camp Classes in Irving TX.



For more information or to register for the program please call (972) 258-8333 or email instructor@texaskaratedo.com

Come try 2 weeks for FREE.  call 972-258-8333

No appointment necessary.  Just wear workout clothes.

Boot Camp Exercise and Fitness Classes in Irving, TX


6:00 am

7:30 pm



7:30 pm


6:00 am

7:30 pm



7:30 pm


6:00 am


When you sign up you may attend any or all classes for the same price.

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The Physical Activity Guidelines for American's recommends for Adult's to engage in at least 150 minutes (or just under three hours) a week of moderate exercise to help reduce the risks of developing life-threatening illnesses. To gain even more health benefits from your exercise routine they recommend at least 150 minutes of vigorous exercise. Our program focuses on this beneficial and vigorous work out routine.    Please join our BotCamo classes in Irving, TX

Our Program is Designed to Improve:
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Endurance/Cardio
  • Overall Energy Levels
  • Muscles Tone
  • Strength
  • And most importantly, YOUR HEALTH!
  • Held inside our school in Irving, TX


Our Program is Designed for:
  • People who want to lose or control their weight.
  • People who want to shed fat.
  • People who want to lose inches on their waist line.
  • People who want to get back into shape.
  • People who want to be healthier.
  • People who exercise but have stopped seeing results.
  • People who want to look and feel good.
  • People who just want a good work out!

Why Workout in the Morning?

The military works-out first thing in the morning because they know how beneficial morning workouts are for all these reasons:

  • Did you know that after a vigorous workout your body continues to burn calories for up to 12 hours? That means after our workout you will continue burning calories ALL DAY.
  • Working out in the morning jump starts your metabolism making you feel more energetic.
  • The boost of endorphins (Runner's High) can help you wake up without needing caffeine or sugary drinks.
  • The hormone cortisol, which helps break down fat for fuel, is higher in the early morning. This boost in cortisol helps you burn fat more effectively, making your morning workout more productive.
  • If you exercise in the morning you are more likely to maintain your routine because you can't use the excuse you had a hard day at work as an incentive to skip out on exercise!

    Classes are indoors in a 6500 square foot Martial Arts school: We can train regardless of the weather!

    Exercise Machines are also available.









    For more information or to register for the program please call

    (972) 258-8333.


Visit BlackBeltShop for all of your supply needs.

Sparring Gear Sets at $70.00..

Extra Karate uniforms at $25.00

Replacement pants at $10.99

School T-Shirts at $20.00

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