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Lil Dragons (4-7 year olds)

 lil dragons


  For Ages 4 - 7 depending on the child.
  Have fun and burn energy!
  Learn physical, mental, and social skills important for young children.

  Teaches/improves focus and listening skills necessary for Kindergarten.

  Designed to teach Self Confidence, Self Defense, Self Esteem, Discipline and much more, all while having fun!

  Helps shy children become confident and enthusiastic about learning.

  Designed to enhance positive social development in a fun and motivating way.

  All instructors have been trained to work specifically with young children.

  Prepares children for entering our Big Kid's Class (ages 6 and up.)

  Classes are 30 minutes long, twice a week.


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or Click the video below to see an actual class.

All Schedules and class times are subject to change. To schedule a FREE TRIAL CLASS please call 972-258-8333.

  For additional Information Please Call 972-258-8333 for our Irving School.






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