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Karate Rank Requirements


For more information or to register for the program please call (972) 258-8333 or email instructor@texaskaratedo.com

Remember, the Journey is more important then the destination.


Click on each item below to see more information about the requirement.


White to Yellow Belt/9th Gup

9 kicking Techniques

11 Hand Techniques

Form Chon-Ji


1st Degree Red to 2nd Degree Red Belt/3rd Gup

4 Combos

Break Board with Kick

Free Sparring

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Form Ti-Gye

Yellow to Orange Belt/8th Gup

4 Combos

4 Spin Kicks

Form Tan-Gun


2nd Degree Red to 1st Degree Brown Belt/2nd Gup

4 Combos

Break  Board with Kick

Free Sparring

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Form Hwa-Rang

Orange to Green Belt/7th Gup

4 Combos

4 Jump Kicks

Form Toe-San


1st Degree Brown to 2nd Degree Brown Belt/1st Gup

4 Combos

Break Board with Kick

Free Sparring

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Form Chung Mu

Green to Blue Belt/6th Gup

4 Escape Techniques

4 Combos

Form Won-Hyo


2nd Degree Brown to 1st Degree Black Belt/1st Dan

4 Combos

Break Board with Hand Technique

Free Sparring with Multiple Attackers

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Form Kwan-Gye

Blue to Purple Belt/5th Gup

4 Combos

Free Sparring

Form Yul-Kok


1st to 2nd Degree Black Belt/2nd Dan

4 Combos

Min. 2 Years in Grade

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Creative Breaking

Form Po-Un and Ul-Ji

Purple to 1st Degree Red Belt/4th Gup

4 Combos

4 Jump Spin Kicks

Free Sparring

Form Chung-Gwen


2nd to 3rd Degree Black Belt/3rd Dan

Min. 3 Years in Grade

Creative Breaking Demonstration

4 Creative Escape Techniques

Form Gai-Beck


    Intermediate to Black Belt Students are required 3 classes a week, and 1 sparring class. 

    Brown Belt and Black Belts must also attend the Brown Belt Class and 1 sparring class also.

    Link to Basic Techniques

    Link to Combos

    Link to Required Kicks

    Link to Escape Techniques  

    Link to Forms



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